Friday, July 21, 2017

SKEW-ing on the right brain.

The promise of personal sunset views every evening may justify
the extra 15 km distance.
Quite a number of business owners (referring quite specifically to local SMEs/property developers in Malaysia) still haven't got this 'skewed' on right. Their organisation may not consists of any marketing-skewed person(s) in contributive/ effective roles. The era of sales person(s) or secretarial person(s) working up the ranks to marketing head positions are gone since the 1990s. But no, strains of such culture remains. This becomes one of the biggest frustration to the creative agencies as well as to the younger workforce.

My most recent experience is to see a whole well-thought out campaign to bring desirability to a well-built township go the other way of the common brain. Higher-end property developments in Malaysia especially, require many right-brain factors - emotive reasons to believe in: "A better place for kids to grow up"; "Getting back to nature"; "Community of like-minded people"; "Country home in the city"; "Sexy architecture"; etc. Successful cases of such are like Setia Eco-City - miles away but they sold on well-planned landscaping; Desa Parkcity - Best master planned suburban township; Gita Bayu, and so on.

With lower-end property products, it is all left brained - product, price and payment. Right braining steps in after to assure that was a good buying decision.

On the other hand, with higher-end products, the reason to buy or purpose precedes the rational. "How will this change my life?"; "I deserve a great place like this"; "Finally, privacy"; etc.

So, when this mentioned project started to attract enquiries to the lower cost apartments instead of to the desired sub urban community lifestyle, the clear danger of a damaging perception positioning happened. It will take more than an emotive video to repair. It is really frustrating as a professional marketer to see such damage wrongly-placed people do to their companies and businesses.

It does not matter what career background you come from, what matters is whether you are SKEWED-right. Marketing or Sales. Of course you can do sales without marketing, but whether the brand or product is sustainable for the next phase or round. or whether the full potential value is realised.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Imminent Growth.

The journey had been long.
Twenty and twelve years.
The realisation was in April 2017.

Having watched Vishen Lakhiani's video on Impact Theory, a large bell rang in my head. Since leaving the big jobs at the agencies, I have been 'endeavouring' to set up the large business platform. This in fact is not my 'END GOAL'... I like to teach, share and write. I have been trying to build a bridge to get to the other side when I could already jump across.

Hence, KENMERINTIS™ is my starship enterprise, setting myself free from the constraints of a formal business into a contributive strategic and creative existence.
Here is the video from Impact Theory and 2 others on this same subject. This guy has the same inclinations as myself.